Originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Morgan Wedderspoon is an artist whose practice is grounded in print media and found-object collection and display, including the creation of book works and print-based installations.

Looking at her surroundings through an ethnographic lens, she creates works that sample from her assortment of objects, all of which are gathered from the ground. Cast against the background of the Anthropocene, her work interrogates the relationship between commodity culture, nature, and the ever-present problem of coexistence within a larger-than-human sphere.


Wedderspoon is a graduate of Queen’s University (2009) and holds a Master of Fine Art in Printmaking from the University of Alberta (2016). She has exhibited nationally and internationally, with works in public and private collections in Canada, the United States, Egypt and China. She teaches at the University of Alberta and the Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists (SNAP).