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ecology or oblivion, the project

ecology or oblivion

grey wall commission project

John & Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery

MacEwan University


This three-part, participatory project by artist Morgan Wedderspoon invites us to speculate with her about the year 2030 from the perspective of found objects. Scattered around the built environment created by colonial capitalism, what could these things teach us about disobedience, about “living and dying well together,”1 as we move into the precarious future of life on Earth? 


Yes, we have just 11 years2 to avert catastrophic climate breakdown beyond our worst imaginings3. Yes, we now know that by the end of 2020 bold policies must be in place to have any hope of reducing CO2 emissions by 45% by the year 20304. Yes—worse still—we know that in some cases these warnings are quite conservative in their estimates5 and that somehow facts are not enough. How do we move beyond the paralysing despair of these predictions? 


Perhaps, as this project models at a modest scale, speculative thinking, collaboration, and openness to chance can help us to imagine a more just and livable future. 


The title “ecology or oblivion” comes from episode 189 of the SRSLY WRONG podcast.6


Visit the MAG's grey wall to engage in this speculative, generative project that will grow and change throughout the fall, resulting in prints and texts from which Wedderspoon will create a book



Part 1 
Visitors are invited to answer the questions posed by the prints on the wall using the provided paper and collection boxes.

Part 2
Participate in one of several facilitated writing session involving games of chance.

Part 3
Prints are displayed featuring participants’ text and Morgan’s imagery.



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