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"The objects appear to be floating and arranging themselves in a dark pond, dream, or paranormal realm. It feels like they are alive or have an agency of their own. Like they are telling stories."  

Izzy Mink, Indoor Recess



 Superstratum is a survey of the Earth’s surface—a new layer in the making.


In this exhibition, Morgan Wedderspoon brings together found objects and borrowed text* to inquire into the relationship between the inconsistent human subject and the escalating crisis of anthropogenic global warming. Her works, playfully ethnographic in tone, embrace subjectivity, speculation and free association. Taking cues from a good old dog named after a Greek poet, Wedderspoon follows her whims to pick up all kinds of things found on the ground while walking. What can be gleaned in the aggregate? 


With just eleven years to limit global warming, what transformation is possible? Could these residues of our ways of living be reaching out to help avert disaster? What can they teach us about care, rebellion, and what we’re made of?


*Text is borrowed from Margaret Atwood’s Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth (the list of human responses to crisis reads: “Protect Yourself, Give Up and Party, Help Others, Blame, Bear Witness, Go About Your Life” and, for war specifically, “Fight and Surrender”).

Prints in this exhibition were created at SNAP Printshop with support from the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.



Superstratum at Open Studio Gallery, Toronto. March 22-April 20, 2019. Opening reception: Friday, March 22, 6-8 pm