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Surface Reader: Appendix




Percy Bysshe Shelley - Hymn to Intellectual Beauty


woven material with tar adhesive,

extruded polystyrene, plastic ice cube, petrified wood,

whalebone, razor blade, foam cylinder






Timothy Morton - Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World


sea anemone desiccated octopus eggs with barnacles, capped wires, earbud speaker, meter seal,

rock, side mirror warning sticker,

wolf lichen, fabric scrap






Hans-Jost Frey - Interruptions


cast iron, rubber thimble, plastic rope, ragged lichen,

plastic knot, driftwood






Walter Benjamin - Franz Kafka


wood, wasp nest,

moss, balloon, flagging tape,

potsherds, expanded polystyrene






Gwendolyn MacEwen - The Discovery


burst firework, tar,

moulded plastic, chicken bone, carved wood, red wood, sinker, epoxy resin flake